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Resident FAQs

  • Question: What is the status of the retail development located in the front of the Woodbridge development?

    Answer: Currently, negotiations are underway with both the City of Sachse and City of Wylie to extend Woodbridge Parkway to Highway 544. Central to this plan is approval for a railroad crossing at Woodbridge Parkway and SH78. At such time that approval is given, the commercial property will then become available and marketable to retail establishments beneficial to the Woodbridge subdivision.

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  • Pools
    • Question: Why do the community pools open so early in the year, stay open so late in the year, and why can’t we narrow that down to save on expenses?

      Answer: Although the pools are too cold to be used by most people in April, May and October, they are open so residents and guests can use the pool areas to enjoy the outdoors. Often we experience very good weather in April and/or October to soak up some sun.

      It doesn’t cost all that much extra to have the pool open longer. The vast majority of the expenses early and late in the year would be there whether the pool is open or closed. The biggest variable is in pool chemicals, and not much is used while the water isn’t being used much.