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Woodbridge offers residents access to various types of family oriented amenities, all of which are linked to the extensive trail system. Several parks and lakes can be easily enjoyed with your favorite fishing rod, picnic blanket, or perhaps just a leisurely stroll. The more traditional community amenities such as swimming pools and playgrounds are located throughout Woodbridge, and provide excellent places to play, tan or swim.

Residents may also experience the stunning atmosphere Woodbridge provides with its community-wide trail system. The trails not only link the parks and pools, but also meander along the creeks, through the woods, and along the golf course, providing access to the picturesque landscape. And, as you guessed, there are many wooden bridges from which the community gets its name.

The golf course with its natural beauty adds to the ambiance of the community with its mature trees, rolling fairways, bridges, creeks and brooks.



Growing, playing, creating memories…this is what childhood is made of!  Enjoy one of Woodridge’s Playgrounds, where your children can socialize, stretch their bodies, and free their imaginations with hours of healthy, wholesome fun. 

Convenient bench seating is available.