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Per the Governing Documents for the Woodbridge Homeowners Association, the Association is required to be represented by a Board of Directors.   The Board is currently comprised of five individuals elected by the homeowners.

The Board of Directors members are:

Scott Ohman:                        President                       Term expires: 2022

Leah Barber:                         Treasurer                       Term Expires: 2022

Scott Johnson:                      Vice President              Term expires: 2023 Annual Meeting

Swapan Shah:                       Director                          Term expires: 2023 Annual Meeting

Jack Hawkins:                      Secretary                        Term expires: 2021 Annual Meeting

Neighborhood Representatives

The Community is divided into eleven (11) neighborhoods. More information about neighborhood representatives can be found by clicking here.   The 2018 to 2019 Neighborhood representatives were elected in June 2018.


Architectural Control Committee

The Woodbridge Governing Documents require the establishment of an Architectural Control Committee, which during the Class B Control Period shall be appointed by the Declarant. Currently the committee has been appointed for the 2017 year.  These are all volunteer homeowners representing the committee. This committee reviews architectural submissions the Association receives from Owners within the Community.

Currently Woodbridge Association has two committees made up of resident volunteers:

Social Committee

The Social Committee’s goal is to foster a greater sense of community within Woodbridge.  The committee members are your friends and neighbors!  We volunteer our time to provide residents with fun social events within Woodbridge.  We meet monthly to plan, organize and implement the seven events that appear on the Woodbridge Social Calendar.

The events we are providing in 2018 are: the Easter Celebration , Mothers Day Tea, Fathers’ Day Fishing Tournament, National Night Out, Vendor Fair/Family Fest, Holiday Casino Night, and the Holiday Lights Contest. We also plan the two annual community garage sales.

By joining the Social Committee you are not obligated to perform any tasks.  All tasks are distributed on a volunteer basis.  In order for the Social Committee to be successful we do ask that all members attend the monthly planning meeting and volunteer at the events as often as possible.

Committee Officers
Jenn Tabbert – The Hills
Committee Co Chairperson

CarrieDuck – The Fairways
Committee Co Chairperson

Leah Barber – The Fairways
Committee Co Chairperson

Communications Committee

The main purpose of the Communications Committee is to develop and maintain the association’s quarterly newsletter, News from the Bridge.

Historically, Communications Committee members have been, and continue to be, responsible for collecting and/or writing articles, soliciting advertising, publishing and the distribution of the newsletter. With the implementation of this website, the committee has been asked to assist the board and management company in the design, development and implementation of the various pages of this website. If requested, the Communications Committee will assist other committees with the design of their web pages.

Please consider joining us at one of our planning meetings if you have any article ideas for the newsletter, for the website or if you would like to contribute an article(s).

Committee Officers
Open – Committee Chairperson

Secretary – Vacant