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  • Question: Why do I have to screen pool equipment from view in my own back yard?
    Answer: Section 4.14 Pools and Spas of the Design Guidelines states “Pool/spa equipment must be fully screened with fencing or evergreen planting…”. Some homeowners believe that placing the pool equipment behind the fence that encloses their rear yard suffices this requirement. Actually it does not. Screening from view from ground level, or from the street is a defined term called “Public View”. This term is not referenced above. Therefore, screening from view is from all view.Why is this requirement there? Consider the owner who wants the pool built, and all the neighbors. The neighbors have just as much a right to have their current views protected as the owner who wants to build a pool has a right to do so. The governing documents require the pool submission and review to not only make sure the pool looks nice (as most do), but to also protect the neighbor’s current view. Pools look nice, but the above-ground plumbing does not. Therefore the guideline requires the above-ground plumbing to be fully screened from view.Back to top

  • Question: So if I choose to screen my pool equipment with landscaping, what do I need to submit with my architectural submittal?
    Answer: Since pool equipment needs to be screened immediately with the completion of the pool, the landscape plants will need to be evergreen (plants without leaves don’t visually screen very much), need to be of sufficient size, quantity and location to provide that immediate screen. The Committee will want to know what specific plant will be used, quantity, specific locations, what size they are and where they will be coming from. The Committee will need enough information from you to know that the vegetative screen will be immediate and complete. Planting one gallon shrubs that will eventually grow to sufficient size in some number of years will not be approved.Back to top

  • Roofs
    • Question: What color shingles should I replace my hail-damaged roof with?
      Answer: The Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions state that all roofs in Woodbridge shall be Weathered Wood Blend or same. Any other colors within Woodbridge are not approved and will be considered a violation of the restrictions.